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The guidance from DofE on the purchase and use of AAIs for schools:-



This is the link for the Anaphylaxis checksheet, just click on the link and download it!


This is the link for the research about Epipen needle length


This is the link to the MHRA guidelines for the use of adrenaline autoinjectors.


This is the link for the annual epipen update, checksheet.






This is the link for the Asthma flow chart!


This is the link to an interesting news article by the BBC about asthma/allergies and what people in general dont know!


This is the link to the 2014 Family and Childrens Act Supporting pupils with medical needs


The link to the EYFS


This is the link for Asthma inhalers in schools


Supporting Pupils with medical conditions.

This the adapted proforma for care plans


This is the link to the non-presription medications letter



Head injury decision rule sheet






This is a link for the Resuscitation Council Guidelines on Community Defibrillators!



This is the link to the DofE document about purchasing and using defibrillators in schools


This is the link to a draft school first aid policy!


Case Studies



I was called out late on Friday evening to an elderly man who was bleeding after a small surgical proceedure. He'd had a lump on his leg cauterised. He had rung 111 several times, and said they were unable to help him. He then rang 999, they spent 20 minutes trying to calm him down and stop him bleeding. Eventually I was dispatched to see him, along with a Paramedic. When I arrived he was wondering around his house, very distressed. The wound was bleeding, but what I would call - minor! I sat him down, firmly pressed a dressing against the wound, there was a tiny whole in the cauterisation, checked a couple of times that it was clotting. After about 15 minutes of consistant and persistant pressure, it had stopped bleeding. I redressed it and the Paramedic arranged for the Distrct Nursing guys to come in a redress it the following day.

This is what first aid training is about, if the Gentleman had had even the slightest bit of first aid knowlege the incident would not have arrisen!



Chris Soloman - Cardiac Arrest Video

with thanks to the BBC



Cardiac Arrest in a 2 year old (not)


I was called in the morning of 23rd December 2014, to "convulsions" in a 2 year old. On the way this was updated to cardiac arrest! Not much pressure then!

Was at scene with 8 minutes, she was lying on the floor, breathing and had not arrested. She had a big temperature, probably from a chest infection. It took most of a bottle of oxygen to her blood oxygen up it bit, other than that, she responded well.

Some extremely frightened parents, who had got her into the recovery position and did all the right stuff - called the Ambulance. A couple of days on antibiotics and she will be fine. 

This was at the end of a 120 hour stint on call, with quite a lot of jobs over the weekend. 

This is what being a first responder is about, on scene quckly, the right skills and equipment - oxygen is the best drug ever!



Directions - St Nicks Church Barn, Warndon

Somehow or other, people seem to get lost in the grounds of the Church Barn. Hopefully these pictures will help you find your way to the coffee!

Disasters (how to make one)

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My most recent blog about Sepsis


This is the link to the Sepsis Trust Screening tool

Community First Responding

These are links to the Community First Responder sites of the WMAS

This is one of the videos showing me jumping into my car etc


This is the whole corporate video, made by WMAS featuring yours truely about 2/3 of the way through

Countryside 999

This is the programme about the man who was electrocuted at Eastham

Paediatric Stroke

This is the link to an article about strokes in children, well worth the read, but a little scary!